Monday 22nd October 2018 PM

2:54: The longing ledge 

Reflections and shadows enable once inanimate objects to come to life.

The sun gives the window ledge a gentle nudge then cowers shyly behind a hill like he’s playing a childhood game of knock knock ginger.

As he peers his head above the hill, the window ledge begins to dance. Across the carriage its dark rectangular shape shakes left and right. A dance of excitement, full of energy the ledge sways in time to the rhythm of the train.

The shadows fun is cut short as the sun hides behind a row of houses, leaving the ledge with no choice but to resume position at the window.

Back and forth tormenting from the sun carries on for some time. The ledge sits on the window, looking out longingly waiting for the sun to return. Waiting eagerly to grant him permission to head of down the carriage and play.

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