Tuesday 16th October 2018 PM

17:54pm: A trip with an orange

My orange looks like a pumpkin, it’s skin has taken a firm grip around each segment. Like a good pair of tights, this skin accentuates each curve across on the oranges body. The light from the train reflects of it’s incredibly smooth skin, bouncing from each raised segment. These are some high gloss, shape lifting tights. A small indentation signals the end of one section and beginning of the next. These indentations bend the light, distort it into W shapes. On the underneath of the orange, at the centre of all the curves, is a brown protrusion. Like a button on quilted fabric, the lump pinches all segments together so they become narrow enough to tuck into a neat circle around the brown lump.

I have the urge to to dig my nail underneath the lump and did it out. This proves harder than I thought, the lump is firmly routed within the orange. Soon I give up. Rolling my thumb back onto its finger tip, I begin softly drawing circles with the base of my thumb. Circling the brown protrusion. The lighter I press the more I feel. As the circles I draw get bigger, my thumb begins to explore the outer area of the orange. Segments are more prominent here, standing proud. My thumb can use the indentations to count how many parts make up this orange. I know so much about fruit before even breaking it open. Having found such an appreciation for it’s appearance I can’t bring myself to break it’s perfectly formed skin. So my thumb finds its way back to the protrusion.  I shall persevere with digging until the lump comes out. Or until my train reaches the station…




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